GPR Scanning / X-Ray

Concrete ground-penetrating radarA ground-penetrating-radar schematic

Ground Penetrating Radar

If you are concerned the area to be cut or drilled might have utilities or reinforcing cables, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is the solution. GPR can quickly and accurately locate obstructions like conduits, plumbing lines, fiber optics, duct banks or post tension cables in concrete prior to cutting or drilling. Using GPR to locate subsurface obstructions can help avoid costly repairs, downtime and injuries. Take the extra measure to ensure that there are no issues on your project.

Concrete x-ray Concrete x-ray equipment


Our specialized X-ray services are ideal for locating and identifying embedded objects in accessible concrete structures. Our trained and certified radiographers have been providing high resolution X-ray services for over 20 years in the concrete inspection industry. Our process is simple, reliable and extremely effective – we place a light film on one side of the structure and a cobalt source produces radiation for a highly readable result which is interpreted by an expert.


  • Embedded rebar, conduit, post tension cables
  • Commercial space
  • Conduit/ utility risers
  • High identification accuracy
  • Requires two-sided access with limited space (20″x15″ space required)
  • After hours work